Pork Chops With Jammy-Mustard Glaze Recipe (2024)



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Kristin D.

Consider the cold-sear method published in Cook’s Illustrated (Jan/Feb 2022). Use a dry nonstick or carbon-steel pan, salt and pepper the chops, and don’t preheat the pan. Heat on high for two minutes and flip; repeat on the other side. Then flip again, lowering the heat to medium, and flip every two minutes until the meat reaches 140°. The explanation is that this method lets the chops “heat up gradually and evenly.” I’ve tried this and it works well.


I’ve been making this for at least 20 years, since sampling at Trader Joe’s. It’s my stand-by. Especially good with bitter orange marmalade and Dijon. Great on salmon, too!


Julia FL

Super easy and delicious every time. I have been making this for years and love it with blackberry preserves, dijon, and I don't add the water.


I didn’t pay enough attention to the recipe and used blueberry… first it turned florescent purple, and then it turned a sickly gray. It was pretty disgusting looking. But it tasted pretty good, actually. I added some thyme and green peppercorns at the end bc I had them lurking in the fridge. That was good, too. But, um, blueberry doesn’t work as an option for this one.

chris Newton

I have made this many times topping the chops with Stonewall Kitchen Maple bacon onion jam. It’s a winner!


You can adapt this basic idea to (not too large) pork tenderloins. Obviously cooking the second side on low heat with the fruit/ mustard mixture would be for more like 15 minutes on low heat.


A wonderful idea. I added a spoonful of white miso in lieu of some of the salt for a subtle bit of extra umami.


delicious, but the cooking time for the pork chops was not long enough by a long shot with thick chops. another ten minutes, covered with low heat.

Karen Stoehr

Cook longer than 5 and 2 . Try 6 and 3

Phyllis Bregman

I’ve been making this exact kind of non-recipe for decades. I usually use apricot, marmalade, or peach. So easy and very tasty. Be mindful of the searing recommendation.


I bet ginger marmalade or jam would be really good too.


Fulfilled all requirements for week night supper—easy, fast, yummy. I doubled the sauce and was glad I did.


Very good the way it is, but also prefer adding a minced shallot.


The Silver Palate had a similar recipe years ago which my family loves. Even when the kids were young it was a hit. We use blackcurrent preserves and Dijon mustard. It also makes for a good dinner party meal as well as a quick and easy weeknight meal.


This was OK -- nice one, but wouldn't make again. I used fig balsamic jam and grainy mustard, probably could have cut the sweetness with a non-grainy dijon.


Brined first using a brine of 1 quart water, 1/4 cup kosher salt, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1 star anise pod, 1 bay leaf, a few pepper corns, juniper berries, allspice berries and fennel seeds lightly crushed. Brine for at least 2 hours and up to overnight. Pat dry and follow recipe except add garlic only at the end right before putting in oven because otherwise it will burn.


Had butcher cut 4 3/4” ribs. Left out 20 minutes. Dry with paper towel. Salt and pepper. Got to 145’ Took longer than recipe cast iron. By mistake added sauce too early- when meat was flipped. Followed rest of recipe. Served with green leaf salad and potato chips Sapporo beer. Definitely repeat


Cooked with 1 inch chop. Sweet and tangy but not a flavor punch. Left chop in pan when added sauce and cooked until thermometer read 140° next to the bone.To punch up flavor, maybe add more preserves and mustard.Or juice of the same fruit, mustard powder, or same vinegar from mustard.

Rachel S

This is delicious! And thanks to the cook who suggested using bread to mop up any left-over sauce! What a great idea.




I made this using my homemade pepper jelly and it was wonderful. I removed the chops while I reduced some of the water out as it deglazed pan, then added chops back to pan. I had fairly thin chops and plan to try it again with thicker chops next time.


As a non pork chop lover, I thought this was very delicious! I used the BM orange marmalade after I saw another reviewer state that they liked to use a bitter orange jam. I’m going to try this sauce soon on chicken for the others I couldn’t quite convince on pork texture… it’s a keeper.


Combined course ground dijon mustard with a peach bourbon preserve, thenlet the pork rest in a warm oven for additional time while the sauce thickened. Absolutely delicious!


Delicious and easy way to prepare pork chops. Rave reviews from our house!


Too much water. Use a very thick jam and thick mustard. Cooking times and heat were a little off the mark. Trying to create a thick sauce/glaze after the heat had been down didn’t help.


I have made this for years using pear preserves, but tonight I had a jar of coarse pepper jelly with just a bit left in the jar. I used it with coarse ground mustard. My husband was seen eating the sauce remaining in the skillet on a slice of bread! It was a hit.


Peach Preserves + Grey Poupon Country Dijon.2 “butchers Best” Frenched Cut Pork Chops, about 3/4” thickBrowned 5, flipped 2, heat off 5. On plates 136 and 138 degrees. Covered and let them sit. 3 minutes to thicken the sauce, intermittent stirring. Tasted. Lovely as is.


We liked these chops. I added some chopped sage to the fig mustard sauce, and used fig jam I made with figs from our tree. Cut the sugar in the jam recipe in half because we like savory more than sweet. Was perfect for our tastes, and easy. Served with cider glazed Brussels sprouts and applesauce. Nice fall dinner.

Sarah D.

Easy and delicious. I used a chunkier sour cherry jam and whole grain mustard. I followed another commenter's suggestion to begin searing the chops in a cold pan, which allows more fat to render and get caramelized. This is infinitely versatile and will be a go-to for weeknight pork.

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Pork Chops With Jammy-Mustard Glaze Recipe (2024)
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